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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chicken and NOodles in the Crockpot

Lately, I have been doing a LOT of cooking with my crockpot.  Even though I'm a "stay at home" MOm we are busy with school all day and then activities at night...and I guess I should try and keep the house clean since we are trying to sell it...so....I have two crockpots going almost every night:)

Tonight we are having chicken and noodles and seriously I really didn't think this would work but it DID:)

What you need:
1. Two cans of cream of chicken soup
2. 1 stick of butter
3. the recipe calls for 42 oz of chicken broth...I only used 32....do what you feel led to do sister:)
4.  3-4 chicken breasts...and yes, I stuck mine in the crockpot completely FROZEN because to thaw them out would be THINKING AHEAD...and well...I just don't do that most days!

Put your chicken in the crockpot and throw the rest of the ingredients in...nicely of course! Then put that baby on low for eight hours...when you are an hour away from eating...throw those noodles in and just take your big wooden spoon and that chicken will come apart nicely....throw yourself a veggie on and call yourself AMAZINNNNNGGGGGG:)

Another trick I've tried lately and makes my family NUTSO! 

Cut up five or six potatoes (depending on your family) leave the skins on! Put one stick of butter, one cup of water, salt and pepper and let sit all day in your crockpot on low...come home....mash in the crockpot...add one cup of milk...some cheese and shredded real bacon bits...and watch your family crown you queen....seriously....my husband ADORES THEM:)  WHO STINKIN KNEW???!!!! Not this girl!

Have a GREAT supppperrrrr:)

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