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Friday, February 15, 2013

Confessions of a Store Bought Laundry Detergent Mom

Yes, its true.....I quit making my own detergent....I know....it worked so well for over a year...but now....I don't.

For the last two months I have been BIG time into using coupons and shopping at CVS and Target and then whatever else was needed at Sam's.  For the last two weeks I have saved $60 on our budget instead of $60 over...can you explain the $120 difference???? Its shocking to me!

Just last week at Target I bought two huge things of Downy fabric softner for $3 each...I know the longer I do this I will get that price even further down.  Yesterday at CVS I walked in and scanned my card and got a $10 of $50 purchase...so I knew that I now could by the 2 Gain detergents that were on sale and I only had a puny coupon for would be well worth the price since they were now FREE! They had great deals on toothpaste, deoderant, face wipes, body wash, and soap.  My total came to $87 with coupons I paid $57 and gained $17 in reward bucks for next trip.  At Target this week I gained quite a bit as well...they had great deals on dog treats which after sale and coupon came out to .89.  One of my Glade purchases was free since I had a coupon for $2 and .75...it was GREAT:) and I already told you about the Downy...

I now am completely stocked on Fabric Softener, Detergent and deoderant, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, shave gel, glade plug ins, face soap, and razors, toilet paper and paper towels and for the moment....three bags of dog food:)

Since we are moving I'm not going to be buying anything in bulk like paper towels, toilet paper no matter how great the sale.....

I must admit I really didn't think that this would work...but now I'm seriously just going and buying frozen veggies or chicken and of course milk, veggies and fruit at Sam's.  The kids feel that they are shopping at the store now that I have everything lined up neatly on shelves for them to take when they run out....its amazing, absolutely amazing.

My hubby was happy that I went back to normal detergent instead of making my own since our whites had not been as white....don't get me wrong...I still use my homemade...but now that I can buy it so cheap I don't really need to make it anymore....its obviously up to you and I'm not trying to discourage anyone from using it....the most I've paid so far for a huge thing of detergent is $3....as long as you can save like that I don't see the point in making it.

I'm beginning a new chapter in our lives...its called DOWNSIZING.  The house we are looking at is smaller than the house we are in now...laid out differently, is only ten years old, has a HUGE yard and I ADORE it.  Of course I'm trying not to imagine myself in it until everything is done with this one...I still don't know how the inspection went and haven't packed one box...but even if for some reason we DON'T move...I'm still downsizing and learning to live with less, making more things homemade, and shopping not when I need it but when its on sale...it took me about four months to get this down.  I made mistakes, and did stupid things when I started...but now....I got it sister...and my hubby is very happy to hear that i have cut the budget....$120 a week! SERIOUSLY!  That is a savings of $480 a month:) now...go out and conquer those coupons...and yes, you will have people behind you sighing...I did yesterday...but then I have to think to myself that they must be intrigued after the cashier announces loudly how much you just saved (love that CVS cashier) and how much reward bucks you just got back...its like she's giving me a verbal high five! Its an awesome feeling....go catch it!!!

Have a GREAT day!

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