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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CVS Deals

Today was a very happy day at CVS...scanned my little card and out came a $5 reward bucks and a $10 off coupon:) so I skipped along my merry way:)

Here's the low down on this list of goodies:) First of all total cost was $33...second the Finish tabs were 2/$5 and I got a CVS coupon for $1.25 off.  The deal of the day was 2/$1 Gain dishwashing liquid.  The juices were 2/$6 with $5 rewards back and the All was buy one get one free with $2 additional coupon.  I also had $16 in reward bucks going in and then gained another $15 in reward bucks when I scanned my coupons....it was a very HAPPY CVS day:)

Here is a look at my stockpile for cleaning and paper products that I have done in two months...I have another stockpile of bodywashes, razors, shampoos etc upstairs in the large second bath.  I have it set up so that the kids can grab what they need when they need it:)

My first time of couponing took me five hours to figure out...now every sunday I spend about two hours...and then on MOnday and Tuesday I shop....only when I'm making a trip out anyway....I spend less time at the store and come in way under budget most weeks, but never OVER like I have for the past two years...I canNOT believe the amount of money we are saving...I feel guilty and foolish for not doing this long ago. I am consistently saving $60 per week and sometimes $120 because I would go over the $60 before! Seriously! I really didn't believe it would work either! It did and I'm THRILLED! Hubby says no more toilet paper or paper towels for awhile since we are hopefully moving soon....after we get another offer...you know for the 3rd time...but that's not go there...SHALL WE??????   Go get yourself some savings!

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