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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl Deals

This week started off at a gorgeous 75 and then got down to exactly 1 degree! It's been a busy week but we made it:)

First off here are some of the deals that I was able to snag for super bowl Sunday:

This shows some of the things I got from Target.  Target had a deal of DiGiorno pizzas for $4.99 each and I had a coupon for buy two get one free...they also had a coupon for buy three get a 2 liter of Pepsi free!  Dog food was on sale plus I stacked my own coupon and they gave a $5 gift card for puchase.  They had a deal on pasta, pasta sauce, old el paso and picante sauce buy 10 get a $5 coupon and I had coupons for all the things shown and they were on sale.  The gum was buy one get one free. 

At CVS they had deals going with buy one chip get one free...paper towels were once again reasonable prices Make up was buy one get one half off! Plus I had coupons, deoderant on sale plus coupons, Dawn dishwashing liquid I got for .50 after sale and coupon (I make my shower scrub with this so I like to buy a LOT of this when on sale:)  and Cascade dishwash tabs were on sale plus coupon and there are always reward bucks that I gained so that's always an extra plus:)

My E was sick this week...people say I keep her to clean...and don't expose her enough...I disagree....her body just can't handle colds very well but with the tonsils out she is doing much better this time around...its been a week of no sleep and nebulizer treatments and steroids which have helped quite a lot:)

but now she's on the mend:)

Hubby brought me flowers:)

Today is a nice relaxed day where I can work on some soap and try very hard to prepare for another house showing on super bowl sunday as well as a party...

This year I have been very lazy...its pizza, chips, cupcakes, pop...yes, not a thing made with my own hand:(  Still, I think they will make it!

Have a GREAT day!

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