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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Target Deals

I officially am hooked..pretty sure you all knew that.  My hubby is now on board...because he's all about the bottom line...and I assure you the bottom line is looking GOOD!

This week at Target the cereal is looking mighty fine:) Buy five boxes of GM cereal get $5 gift card...plus I had a $2 coupon for five boxes and for each box of cereal I had a .75 coupon...which basically makes the cereal $2.50 for five boxes:) I'm going back for more this week:)

I also got in a deal on detergent...since I now also supply my stepdaughter who is away at college...she was happy to know that I bought two bottles last week for free just for her:)

These were good size and I got the last Cheer that they had....they had buy 3 detergents get $5 gift card...and I had additional coupons which basically made these buy two get one free!

The last purchase was the second time I've been able to do this which was pretty fun!

On clearance for $2.54 I had $2 coupon and was able to stack my .75 cent coupon...which made this purchase completely free with a little bit back:) I don't normally buy these but when they are free or practically free I def do.  I have about five of them downstairs...who says they can't ever use air freshner????

Those were my favorite deals of the day...with my haul at Sam's and my haul at Target...I still am $36 within my budget...allowing me to get some freebies this week at CVS....keep on couponing sister...and don't worry about the sighs behind you...they have to be intrigued as they hear that total go down....yesterday my total started out at $121...got it down to $77 and got $15 in gift cards back for next shopping trip:) CHA CHING!!!!!!

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