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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The House that God Made

If I could express the roller coaster of this week it would probably make your head spin.  Last Saturday I was dealing with throw up and fevers, sunday more throw up with two house showings, Monday was more throw up and two offers on our house followed by a huge search of house looking that lasted for THREE days, Thursday was Valentines Day and Inspection....and the day our buyer got very cold feet....in short...we lost her...and we lost the other buyer as well as they went on to make another offer on another house two days before we lost our buyer.  I have cried, eaten chocolate, and more chocolate, cleaned, and baked, and cried some more.... Today at church one of my friends offered a hug and asked me how I was doing...and I just told her I couldn't talk about it because I would start crying again...seriously....it was and is ridiculous...because....I found another house last Wednesday...stood in the immense back yard of its fenced in glory and thought..."this is home." It had a screened in porch, a laundry room off the kitchen, a pantry, a finished basement with rooms where I could have my school room, my hubby's office, a place for my stepdaughters with their own bathroom.  It had a walk in closet off the master suite with double sinks and a huge tub and great shower....it spoke to me...I decorated it in my head....I knew we would be friends....so its like I'm mourning a death....which I know sounds so insane...since I have indeed buried a husband I know that the loss of this house how no possible weight of the death of a loved one...but I do feel a hole...a big one.

I live in a gorgeous house (gorgeous to me) where we have painted every surface, and made it our own.  It is almost a hundred years old and almost five years ago God gave it to us...but in the last year my hubby has long for a bigger lot, less time spent on our house since we own our own business and we don't see him a lot anyway.  His girls are growing up and the eldest has already left for college and the other one is a jr in highschool.  We knew we needed a change so the house went up...we have had a lot of traffic...and we were excited about that...but wanted some offers! Who knew the two offers we would get would come at the same time...forcing us to lose the other...while the one that seemed too good to be true was indeed that.

I know that God has great plans for us...and I know that the sooner I get my head up and my frown upside down he will reveal that plan to us....but right now I'm still a little bit in whiner mode....which brings me to the question of how well do we react when the brakes get put on our plans? How happy are we when God says..."not right now."

For me....its been a little depressing because frankly....I've been a little pouty...ok a lot pouty with a chocolate drama.....but...today when I woke up the song by Selah was playing on my playlist...pretty sure you know the one....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQzrqmcwg8o

How could I question when He has done so much for me??? So, off we go on the real estate roller coaster! Pray for me!

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  1. Aw.
    What a bummer,J.
    You know it will come. The sell, the purchase...and God's hand will be in it.
    I also know what it's like to whine when we don't get our way... especially, when God is saying "not right now"
    Hang in there and Trust Him.

    blessings, Pat