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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Big changes ahead for my dear little family...to say we are stressed would be an understatement.  Our business is growing, we are insanely busy and we need to expand...in true form of our household my husband and I always seem to do this...HEY LETS MOVE OUR BUSINESS AND HOME AT THE SAME TIME to see if we can survive a SECOND time!

Right now we are looking to expand the business...seeing if we can gain the room next to us...if we are able to do that that would be ideal...it would be GREAT:) 

At this time we have found nothing we have liked in real estate land and have even moved our price range up...and this time we are weighing a few options and one of them includes building a home on a stretch of land that we have found...not sure if we will wait a year on that or proceed...we are going to look at plans today just to see if the plan is even feasible. 

I am missing out on a half marathon that I was going to run in in two weeks and am feeling quite sad about it.  I feel that I'm a quitter.  Training for a half requires GREAT devotion and GREAT time! Homeschooling two kiddos and keeping up with their activities...and showing a house constantly just has not made my training possible.  After we have the business settled and our home figured out I will begin training for a 10K and then down the road when I have more time I will check into training for the half.   It is sometimes difficult as a woman to decide what priorities are the most important...at the time my children win...I've even stepped down from a few of the things I was involved in in church...I was cranky and tired and too busy...my soap business was getting ridiculous.  I now just make soap for our business and gifts...I still sell a little but soap making was taking up too much of my time.  For now I'm concentrating on my kiddos because I don't have them for a lot longer...I'm living more simply by getting rid of excess and staying below our weekly budget whenever possible. 

I have been a slave for so long to things, to things that don't matter...I'm excited about this change coming in our lives...even though its very possible that it will be put off for a year...in that time I will continue purging and saving...looking forward to summer where I can make each day count...instead of having a million different projects.

Yesterday I danced with my E in the kitchen, worked on a science project with her, read a lot, rolled her hair in curlers...and watched Duck Dynasty with my son...house is still clean, dinner still made...and my heart was full...have a wonderful Easter...enjoy your family....don't get upset about the little things....and to my Midwest friends...I'll be freezing in my adorable Easter dress right along side of you:)

A great book that I recommend to every mother!

Someone loves playing in her closet:)

Its been a very cold spring break...this was a fun experiment...baking soda, colored water, vinegar, made mini explosions:)  By the way...I buy baking soda, and vinegar at Sam's its hands down the BEST price EVER! Two gallons of vinegar for $3.48! I use vinegar for floor cleaner, put it in my washer, and rinse aid in dishwasher...I just pour it in the base of the washer!

Have a GREAT day!

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