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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Deals and House News

My house...my lovely house...its seeing lots of traffic...has some interest...we will see....lots of houses are selling and some that I can't understand...we have heard our house is to big??? I don't know...so for now...we keep the house picked up and its a good thing because I actually for the first time in my 15 house showings had a realtor (who was a man by the way) and he just SHOWED up an hour early! We homeschool so YES we are HOME! I didn't have time to leave because my step-daughter comes home from school to eat lunch what was I supposed to do with her? My house was picked up, but I like all lights on and I like all floors sparkling and NONE of that was done.  It of course was totally awkward as well as we moved to other parts of the house so they could look freely but still...it was a WASTE of a showing and I was sooo ticked off! Does the man not have a phone so he could call and tell me he was over an hour EARLY??? So we could have at least LEFT??? Oh realtors....you make me CRAZY!!!!

So, on with the deals!  Target has a few going on this week NOT advertised! I took advantage of some of their coupon adds and deals such as their Easter candy...a trip to CVS today will finish that up!

Coupons to look for:
1. Buy one get one free Petshop (pay attention to the sku numbers)
2. Playdoh was on sale but with extra coupon made it a $1.50:)

3.  Also the small playdohs were on sale and there is an extra coupon from the Target website as well to print out making those a good deal as well!
4. Garnier shampoo and conditioner had a good deal going on with extra coupons I picked those up for a $1 a piece.  There is also a deal at CVS on these as well.
5.  Juicy juice was an unexpected surprise.  Buy two get one free...go to juicy juice website and print off coupons make this a GREAT deal!

6.  Here are some other deals you might want to take advantage of as well IF you have extra coupons to make it worth your while...otherwise they are NOT that great of deals!

I'm going back for the pop deal you can get an extra pop as well :) They had coupons in the paper at the beginning of the month for pop...remember if you don't always get a paper for sure don't skip the first one of each month!

Now I did decide to visit a store that I'm hearing has GREAT deals for members! I forgot that many moons ago we had signed up for the program but now KMart is very serious about this and have joined the wagon with CVS and Walgreens and as you know Target has a program to benefit the coupon world as well:)  They had the following deals I took advantage of:
1.  Purex detergent 2.99 limit 5...I got three because frankly I'm starting to look like a hoarder with all my laundry detergent.
2. Great deals on winter clothes for kids...I got my E nice flannel pjs for next winter for $4.99 each! Of course since we seem to be stuck on winter here in the great midwest she insisted on wearing them now...after her father and i told her that it is indeed too cold to wear the summer pjs she had on! Don't be too hard on her...the other day she played in shorts in the backyard with sidewalk chalk and now we might get snow later this week! I wonder why I'm sniffling and snorting again????

Anyway, those are the deals I have found...gonna make a CVS run tonight and get the rest of the Easter candy:) 

Have a GREAT saving day!

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