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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break

This has been a rather strange week...very busy...and we are all in the MidWest really hoping that spring would come soon!

Today we had another showing...we have had five this week...and one very LAME offer.  Everyone wants a deal right now and I understand that but we didn't even go to the realtors office it was so pathetic...just told her what we would do and they are house hunting again...and I hope they find what they want:) My house is for SALE NOT for DONATION:)

So, this morning this is what it looks like at my house:)

The people looking at my house were there for over 35 minutes...hope they liked it...and hope if we have another offer coming it will NOT be so ridiculous!

Tomorrow we were supposed to be moving...but I really am ok with it now.  My hubby and I have been talking and we aren't sure of the future for our family but we don't believe it is with this house...we want to be out more and able to garden...we might build...we just aren't sure.  There are no houses out there right now that are meeting our needs so at this time if we do sell we will probably rent...which is not my first choice but better to do that than to move somewhere where you aren't happy.

On another note I found a GREAT chore chart on amazon and am THRILLED with how excited Ellie is...she does her chores early just to be able to get her star for the day in that category.  It has lots of things you can change even for character building things you are working on and I find it just the perfect match!

Ellie is still enjoying dance, trying to understand basketball and trying to learn to read...its hard being five:)

Here is my E and one of her little friends guarding each other at their last game...crack me up...they are both totally talking and probably saying to each other..."Why are our parents yelling at us while our team is at the other end of the court?"

Have a GREAT spring break everyone and a very happy Easter! We hope to see the ground for our easter egg hunts this week! Melt snow MELT!

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  1. Spring break at your house looks absolutely CHILLY!
    Hope you get an offer soon...and hope you find the home of your dreams in just the right spot.
    Hang in there...