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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Target Deals and Basketball:)

This past week has been crazy busy since we are now in full swing of spring activities:)  After the snow for two weeks our house is finally being shown again...and yes, as of yesterday the house that I want is still available..(even though I pray constantly to fall out of love with it or for someone to buy it) looking at it and not knowing when I can have it is torture...also defined as patience and contentment of which I have none of apparently!

My E had her first basketball game this past Saturday and let me tell you it was quite funny! However, she is absolutely ADORABLE:)

Target has some GREAT deals going on this week...I'm sure many of you already know about them.  I got three Sunday papers this week because of it.  Make sure you local girls know that some of the things listed in the add are NOT on sale.  As irritating as this is I read in the fine print that each store is allowed to make sales on what they choose and ours here did not do the trashbags, papertowels or bleach...I was a BIT irritated about that.  The items are on sale but not listed in the deal.  For those of you who don't know the Target add this week had a $10 coupon for $40 spent on household things.  I totally cleaned out with air freshners, magic erasers, car freshners, toilet cleaner, dishwasher tabs, dishwashing liquid, I had coupons for most of those things:) They also had a deal going for any five breakfast items listed get a $5 coupon.  This included juice, coffee, cereal, and my favorite WAFFLES (which I hardly EVER buy).  So, how's your stockpile going? For me, I need trashbags and feminine products and other than that after this week I: am SUP_ER STOCKED UP !!!!!!!  By the way...so far this week I have only spent $90 in two shopping trips.  Both trips I saved $40 in coupons.  I am now in the mind set that if I don't save at LEAST $40 I haven't done my homework well.  I just now need to buy milk and produce for the week...putting me WAY BELOW budget which makes me SUPER DUPER hap-p-y:)

Have a GREAT day and go see what you can save! I have a fun desk tutorial coming up where I have turned a desk we had sitting around on our front porch doing NOTHING into a great desk for my E in return able to sell her tables and chairs and bookshelf that were hogging needed floor space...going to make special touches and then will show you how:)

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