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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Target Deals and Crazy Thoughts

This week I've been hit square in the eyes with the reality of how fast life goes by.  A childhood acquaintance who was only a year older than I lost her fight with colon cancer and left behind five beautiful children and a dear husband, a sister, and her parents, and countless family members and friends that miss her deeply.  I could not stop crying the other day...as wonderful and strong as her family is being...I know the steps of grief...and right now they are slowly accepting the reality of what is...but soon will come the questions from the children...even though they have had time to prepare them...there is never enough time to understand it.

My dear beloved husband passed away in a car accident at the young age of 27..I became a widow at 28 (we were 360 days apart:)  at the time I felt I was somewhat lucky that our son was 2 1/2 that perhaps he had been spared the pain of losing his father...but I can tell you that these past ten years have been rough as he has asked very difficult questions.  We have dealt with anger of why his Dad was taken from him before he got the chance to know him.  He has asked me why did God choose us? To which I have replied very clever things that I know were from God because frankly....some days I have NOOO idea.  I have been remarried for almost ten years and even though my hubby loved Trey it is not the same...and Trey knows that....it grieves my heart that my son does not have the strong father/son bond.  As an infant his father was the only one that could get him to quit crying (frankly it irritated me a tad) one day I was walking by the window of my apartment (we were separated at the time of his death) he and Trey were in the pool, Trey riding on top of his shoulders...round and round the pool....yelling and talking ninety to nothing...and I froze time....and I can still see it clearly....so what do you do with that?  You put one foot in front of the other.  You take what He gives you and you praise Him still...because we don't have the whole picture...only God does.  You ask Him to give you strength to walk it...and He delivers....you beg for Him to carry the load...and He does....you scream at Him for making you go through it...and He loves you still.  Ten years later something will happen or Trey will make a gesture that I remember from his Dad that he can't possibly know...and I smile...God's reminder of Trey's Daddy and how DNA is an amazing thing...its not taught...it just does:)

The other day I took Trey to the chiropracter...her is growing so fast and sleeps so weird that his neck is killing him....the chiropracter was amazed at how much he and my current hubby have the same spine....of course he had NO idea that they were not blood related....he also said they had the same gait....I find that a fun thing that God did:)

Now...onto happier thoughts!  We have shown our house five times this past week...even had a showing after a four inch snow:) That was fun! Right now my hubby and I are thinking about some wild things...we may have to put it off for a year...but maybe not:) Anyway, I'm excited either way..will keep you posted! Yes we had an offer last week on our home....RIDICULOUS offer....we didn't even go to the office....moving forward:)

Now, here are some GREAT deals for toys at your local Target this week.  Make sure to go to moneysavingmom.com to print out coupons for Target and the other printable coupons she has....I stocked up for things for Easter and for my E's birthday and even got several little things for her little friends:)

The pet shops were buy one get one free! The cabbage patch kid came to $3 after coupons and the cashier gave me extra off....because I guess she loves me:) The other toys were on sale plus I had additional $8 in coupons for both of them together....it was lovely being able to save some cash for toys...there are a TON of coupons for boys and girls toys on the website moneysavingmom.com so go get yourself some SAVINGS!!!!!

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