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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Target Savings this week

I keep feeling a teensy bit guilty for continuing my stockpile.  I know if we move it will be a pain.  My hubby doesn't want me buying toilet paper or paper towels though until after the move? I have about...well...I have a bit...so we're good. Does it make me a coupon scary person that I get panicked if the supplies are halfway depleted? I think I may have a sickness?

Anyway, here are the deals girls!

The deals are:
1. Crayola Chalk on sale and I had an additional coupon. the M&M's were on sale and I had a $3 coupon making them basically buy one/get one
2.  The shampoo and conditioner were on sale for $4.99 each and i had an additional coupon for each bottle.  Not a great deal until you realize you get a free styling product with every two bottles...so that does make it a GREAT deal!
3. I never buy sports drinks unless they are on sale and these were and I had an additional coupon.  Unless I run or work out these do not get used...so we do ACTUALLY USE THESE!
4.  Tampax tampons were a good deal!They were on sale and i had a $5 coupon for four boxes...PLUS I got a $10 gift card for four boxes....I have two girls living at my house so these were a MUST!

So, tonight I get a few things from CVS and will let you know about that!


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