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Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Project the GREEN desk

Friday I had an in home garage sale...partly because I have a small garage but mainly because there was a ton of snow on the ground and its freezing outside...so in home we went:)

Got rid of a ton of stuff and what I didn't sell I donated..the van was a little bit full:)

It took about five carts at the Goodwill to haul it all away:)

All empty! Feeling good!

So, I sold my E's table and chairs because frankly she was getting to big for it and her dollhouse bookshelf.  We have had this old desk that we have moved all over this house and for the past two years it has stayed on the front porch.  One day it hit me after my sister told me that I should invest in an art desk...so I went to the porch and got the desk and hauled it to her room.  I painted it the same green I did my awesome cubbies in!

I sooo love them:)

The desk was white and I knew my E would never go for that.  I painted it green and that put back her storage for toys...getting rid of the table and chairs and the dollhouse bookshelf created SOO much room in her room so she could play with much more space.  The only purchase I made was the chair but I also plan to paint that as soon as it warms up! The containers I already had, and now she can leave her creations inside her desk.  On the top of her desk she has her markers, colored pencils and crayons all in seperate containers.  Inside she can keep all her art books and coloring books etc.  We greatly like the change and she is now happy that she gave up her table and chairs! Have a GREAT day!

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