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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Changes are Coming!

Today is my Dad's birthday...yesterday I with my two children were supposed to go to help he and my Mom pack some boxes (they are moving up here next month) but at 3am my E decided to lose her dinner...and then myself and my dear hubby were aching and yucky feeling all day:( Today I'm better...no headache...no aches...just kinda blah...but def much better.

Yesterday I had planned to take a ton of pictures of my childhood home....but now that will have to wait until next week:(  We also are selling our house...and feel that very soon that will be our turn to pack up and head out on a new adventure.

This August my hubby and I also celebrate ten years of marriage! Wow! Hard for us to believe...but with all the changes happening and time moving at warp speed...I long for being settled...being on a schedule again...but for now....I am just waiting for the changes:)

This coming week I have dance recital practice for my E, lots of graduation parties, a wedding shower, and somehow fit in a birthday party for my E that doesn't look like I threw it all together...(which will be a feat).

That's why days like yesterday were good...sitting still, doing nothing, resting....taking in the blessings even though you aren't really feeling like counting that many:(  I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be a wife, mom and a stepmother...my job is so hard but I wouldn't ever change it for anything in this world!

Keep you updated on the changes!  Have a GREAT day!

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