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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prayers for Boston

I would not consider myself a runner...I am working up to that but most certainly can I say I am NOT a runner.  However, I do participate in the sport and because of my interest my family does as well. 

In saying that may I say that not once has it ever crossed my mind in running a race that I have ever feared for my safety.  At every race my five year old daughter is either with me on the sidelines by the Finish or with my husband or parents.  My son runs ahead of me and I have never feared for him or his safety because I know we have friends and family at the Finish and police to protect us on the way. 

The Color Run that we participated in on Saturday had 10,000 people...that was the largest race I have ever ran...and it was so fun.  We would pass the police cars and officers and wave as they protected us from traffic....that was the fun of the run....running where we never get to go.  My husband said last night that forever we are changed when we run.  During the Color Run I held my E's hand and we ran with no worries...now....we will forever be changed. 

Like many, I'm outraged, furious, sad, bawling....why????  Why would someone do this? However, I'm moved by the way people helped each other...strangers, hurting brought together by something that was supposed to be fun and instead turned to a nightmare.  It makes me want to run longer, fight harder...not give in to those who want to make us fear the unknown.

I am happy to hear in the media that prayer is once again being brought up and that God is still who we rely on....nothing better to hear than "our thoughts and prayers are with the victims."

My training begins again today....more determined than ever to join my fellow "runners" as one of them!

Have a GREAT day!

These are just a few of the races that we have done...my prayers are with Boston. 

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  1. It's all just too much - soul destroying in a way -
    I have a feeling next years numbers will peak at the Boston Marathon.
    much love,
    keep running