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Monday, April 22, 2013

School Suggestions 8th grade and Kindergarten

It's that time of year! I start buying curriculum for the next year.  I have always made it a habit (in the last three years) to do this by now so I know what I need for next year...so that in july I'm not trying to figure it all out...its done and I'm happy:)

BJU is totally working for my 7th grader so this year....I'm switching EVERYTHING to BJU...he will be doing it online so that he has teachers in every subject...I personally LOVE listening to his science teacher in the morning while I do dishes:))) its FABULOUS!!!!

This is what he will be doing next year...he's not quite as enthused as I am:)

 My Ellie continues to struggle with reading...we just keep pressing on.  She loves Science, Math and Art...I got this art set from Timberdoodle and she begged to do more...but I knew she would be sad if we used the WHOLE curriculum today...or maybe just MOMMY would be SAD:(  Teachers her how to blend colors and really creates a sense of accomplishment with painting.
 Totally not school related my hubby sent these to me...the card read "Just because your awesome:)"  Very much needed after the couple of months stresses we have had...thanks babe!
Last but no least....in true home schooling fashion...we have a lot of projects going for spring:)

We have a tadpole, caterpillars for our butterfly pavilion and an inside garden:)  Science is a wonderful think to have your children interested in! So far...we are having a GREAT time watching God's creation:)

For school this next year I will be getting BJU Math 1 for Ellie, continuing her science with Magic School Bus and other fillers, History with Susan Wise Bauer (she offers books on tape) which is what we are using.  For Bible Buck Denver and Adventures in Odyssey...I also go to the Library and do a ton of books on tape...it encourages her vocabulary even though she's not reading yet.  Obviously my main concerns are reading, reading and reading....with a close follow up of Math.  There are also some great programs such as Wild Kratts which is an amazing program about animals in which my Ellie has gained a ton of knowledge. Art is her favorite subject in which I always find classes within our home school group and there are several online sources to gain more art projects from.  She also enjoys Awana and Dance....have a GREAT end of your school year...we are working hard! We will also continue math and reading every day throughout the summer...and my son T will continue Math as well...its to hard for them to catch up again if we wait!

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