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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Selling My Big Green House

This has been a long journey.  A journey paved with tears and confusion and lots of stress.  It all started last October when we decided we needed room to breathe...and wanted a HUGE yard:)

Six months later and we are finally ready to reach what I am calling Phase 2 of the "Segrist Great Home Adventure."

If I could offer any advice to you when selling your home it would be that your realtor loves your home and realizes the beauty of it before selling it.  So many realtors just want to sell sell sell and if it doesn't sell they want you to lower it....and keep lowering it so that basically you aren't making any money whatsoever on your old home and don't have as much as you could have had for your new home.  Our last realtor lost two sales for us that were absolutely ridiculous! She finally decided to tell us to put all new windows and a new roof on the house...basically....she wanted us to make a 100 year old house NEW! Well, guess what...after 100 years my baby is STILL standing! She's looking mighty fine I might add as well! She's been through the depression, and a couple of wars and still...she stands.  She might have creaky floors...but she has glorious lead glass windows, beautiful pillars and charm charm charm! She has cool pocket doors and not to mention all the upgrades we have done to this house. 

We have talked to three different realtors and two of the three disagreed with the advice our number three realtor gave us...so we fired her :( It was kinda sad...but it had to happen:) What happened next was completely GOD! We found our buyers through a friend and decided to just sell it ourselves...if they didn't want it then we were going to list it with another realtor who went through our inspection report with us and basically told us NOT to do any of the things that our old realtor had told us to do and knew she could sell our house....and we know she could have:)

Selling your own home is not something I would recommend but this situation was different and all parties are happy so far with the outcome...now I know that things could all fall apart...that's life....but I don't think they will:)

I saw the look in the eye of the young woman who will be living here with her husband and children and I recognized that look....it was the same one that I had when I walked into this beauty and fell in love with this house and I knew we could do GREAT things together:) I loved the doors, the pillars, the windows, the charm on the outside of the house with the wood, the big front porch, the cute brick back porch, the flower beds, the spacious room, the huge size bedrooms, the storage, the GLORIOUS storage:)  Now, I know my "baby" belongs to another....and I know she will do great things with her!

When we moved here my baby girls was 14 months old, my son was 8 and my two stepdaughters were 12 and 14:) Since that time we have watched one graduate from highschool and go off to college, countless fevers and asthma attacks, sleepovers and fall parties, birthday parties and just parties:) surgeries, and broken bones, snow blizzards and tornado watches, countless work parties and front porch sales, braces for two, two that learned to drive, one that was potty trained, 4th of July parties, lots of baking, cooking, soap making, lots of laundry, and paint and crafts....through it all...we have rested in HOME...we love this house....and I will bawl when I leave it...but its time for a new adventure....strap in....and get ready for a bumpy ride:)

Have a Blessed day and remember that Home is really where you make it:)

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