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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Color Run

This past weekend my family and I participated in the Color Run.  I have to tell you we all had an absolute blast! The only problem was my husband noticed on the color packets that there was a foreign name given for corn...we were already in the chute ready to go and we had no idea how Ellie would do.  Well, we protected her as best we could but it was everywhere and that night....she had a terrible allergic reaction.  Thankfully we were at my sister n law's house who is a nurse and her hubby is anesthesiologist so it was great that he was able to see the reaction occur.  I am now able to go back and tell the doctor in their terms exactly what happens when she has this reaction that way they will be able to treat it better.  It was always hard for my hubby and I to explain...he thinks she will grow out of it...and I REALLY hope so!

Here are some pics of our weekend!

Our house is technically under contract right now and we are trying to decide between building a home and purchasing one...its a bit stressful right now....our contract on our home has a contigency so I still have agents wanting to show my home...which frankly is really difficult...but it won't last forever! Have a fabulous week! We here in the Midwest are enjoying the last two days of 70's before it drops down into the 30's...and I wonder why my E is hacking in the next room?!  Oh you gotta love the Midwest!

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