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Monday, April 15, 2013

When I rise...give me Jesus

This past week and all the drama of being a Mamma have worn me down....Saturday night it all came to a great big DISAPPOINTMENT! I was done! Unlike many women I have a very mature approach to when things aren't going my way....I pout...Yes, VERY MATURE!

So, I went outside and took out my frustration on some serious weeds in my flower gardens and filled up about five bags.....but still I was so mad I wanted to go somewhere and just CRY!

Yesterday found me feeling the same way....but I went to church, convicted by the message and then as I was getting ready to go last night, to a concert with about 30 of my fellow church ladies....I went upstairs to my E's room and found all her bedding on the floor...you see it was mopping up all the water from the broken air purifer that she had broken and was wanting to "help" me pick it up instead of telling me about it:(  Those are the things that they don't write in the parenting books eh??? Yes, I needed a concert and needed it RIGHT now.  Off to church I went...got in the van with the other ladies....we all vented a little...off to a restaurant where we waited an HOUR for our food....FRUSTRATION, FRUSTRATION, FRUSTRATION! Ever feel God is setting you up to teach you a GREAT BIG LESSON and that in that He has just a teeny itsy bitsy sense of humor??? Oh yes, he does! BIG TIME!!!!!

Mandisa, Brandon Heath and Laura Story....and they all have amazing stories...and wonderful music...

However, it was the stories of the women that sat around me that changed my perspective...the lady in front of me who was obviously going through chemo...with her hands lifted...singing praises to her Savior...the lady in front of her with her handicapped child as she wiped the slobber from his face and held him up so he could participate in the concert...are you feeling convicted yet???  The women surrounding me who were battling some very serious family issues, deaths in their family, painful breakups, yet you would never know it by looking at them...we all carry these huge burdens...never telling them..because who wants to be a "Debbie Downer?"

Laura Story shared her story of the battle her and her husband have gone through...and her words have stayed with me all night..."Will you praise Him even when bad things happen?"  I hope I will...I hope my heart changes...and my first response would be praise...and not anger.

Have a GREAT day!

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