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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DAnce Recital and Moving On

This past Saturday was dance recital...we have driven to dance lessons every day for a week and I'm so tired.  Ellie woke up this past Wednesday very sick...not being able to breathe very well and every night since then she has been up hacking and hacking except for ONE night:)  So, to say I'm tired would be an understatement...nevertheless she was able to dance on Saturday and I was so proud of her:)

Even feeling horrible she did awesome!

Ellie after with her patient teacher

 I would show you my E's dance pictures but she was standing with her class and I'm not comfortable putting other people's children on my blog...people are crazy...this world is crazy and I just don't like doing that.

The whole way home from dance she hacked and hacked and threw up...that's the part they don't tell you about mother hood eh?? So, I drove as fast as I could to make it home...my son was impressed that I made an hour destination not take an hour:( oops!

So for mother's day (which is never my favorite day) I stayed home from church sleep deprived because of more constant hacking!

Anyway, we are getting over sickness...waiting for test results from allergy testing, waiting to hear about appt with ENT and Asthma specialist...and we are moving...and my parents move this week.  Honestly I don't even have time to be sitting here typing this!

As I was looking around in my garden last night I realized how many flowers I have planted and how much I'm going to miss them!

My other flowers haven't bloomed yet but I have so many! I hope the new owner will enjoy them...I feel bad because I really need to spend hours in my flower beds but pretty sure the new owners want me to move my stuff out of the house rather than not having weeds in the garden!

Hoping for a better nights sleep soon but for now I'm riding the caffeine train! Off to call the moving company and the rest of the world as we begin our GREAT adventure! Have a GREAT day!

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