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Monday, May 6, 2013

It All Starts NOW

I have begun to dislike the month of May....for our family alone we celebrate three birthdays (Sarah, Ellie and me) we always have dance recital which means practice every single night the week leading up to it.  We have older children so all their friends are graduating or getting married:)  We also have a son in scouts and of course our daughter E has already had two award nights for the two outside activities she was involved in such as Awana and Upward...throw in the fact that my parents are moving and we are as well and we have a business trip in three weeks which means the whole house has to be packed up BEFORE and you have what I like to call "shrink into a ball and hide under the cover syndrome." Yep, I'm fully aware that I just typed a HUGE run on sentence but bear with me that I'm just a tad over stressed!

So, today the mission is to start packing, packing, packing...and finding more boxes:( Also I need to be finishing school with my oldest...and just so you know just because we home school doesn't mean he doesn't work hard.  I'm so sick of people telling him to his face that since he doesn't actually get up and go to a school building he doesn't work as hard....just for the record I make him finish ALL of his book...which I know for a fact doesn't happen in PUBLIC or PRIVATE school! He has teachers who teach him and real homework and real grades! GRRRRR! Anyway, climbing down off my soapbox now:)

This week I'm tempted to just really lose sight of what's important and fade away with the stress...I'm a get in there and grit your teeth kinda girl and get it done! We hear a bid back today on the plans for our house, things are set to go...I'm packing in three groups 1. Need now 2. Need in a few months 3. Need when we get to our new house.  We will be renting while the house is being built and learning how to get a long in very tight quarters.  We have already gone over this with our older children and they feel prepared to conquer it since they want a new house.  This week I'm trying to concentrate and say over and over again the words in Proverbs.

Prov. 3:5,6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.  Seek his will in all you do and he will show you which path to take.

The way the doors have opened have been amazing.  It is clear that this is the way in which God wants us to go...He never promised it would be easy...but He did promise that He would be with us...and for that I'm grateful.

This past week I have been reading a Proverbs every day to my children during Bible Time.  It is so important that they understand the wise instruction of following God's word.  We as Christians can get so caught up in length of skirts and shorts and movies and music...that we become judges of others instead of focusing on what God tells us to do.  I want my children to seek God and show that love to others...even those that are unlovely...there are times that I don't necessarily want a child visiting my home that isn't from our church or background....but if we can show them the love of God and how it is to eat at the table together and pray what better way to get them to see the true meaning of being a Christian.  I have never felt the pull of Satan against my children as I do now....we are truly in a battle.

Please pray for us as we start this journey...I know that Satan will attack us on every side.  Sometimes when we go through great trials people really rally around us with prayer but when you do something that is stressful yet fun and self induced the prayers don't come...I'm asking for prayer in advance...we have a lot of decisions to make and this summer will be challenging for all involved.

Have a blessed day!

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