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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Horse Party

The horses are READY

Party Favors

Time for silly photos!

Time for playdoh!

So ready to be six!

Now we paint!

Loved this!
Just to catch anyone up that doesn't know...our house sold...my parents house sold....we are building....life is changing at WARP speed....and the pressure is on...but when its all over and we are all settled...it will be SO WORTH IT!

In all that chaos my Ellie is getting ready to turn six and by the way...she's in love with horses:) This week the weather has thrown us a few curve balls but thankfully today it was warmer...no snow and it wasn't raining horribly...sooo

First off the cake...my E has a horrible allergy to corn...so the cake that was made for her had to be corn free...such as...no powdered sugar...that has corn in it...which I feel so stupid I did NOT even know! So....my amazing friend...figured out how to make it herself! I couldn't believe it either...

My E had decided that more than anything in this world she wanted a pair of cowgirl boots! Well, I'm not really a country girl and I don't own a pair of cowgirl boots at all:(  So, I asked some friends and bravely went where I haven't gone before...the BOOT store!  I walked in with my cute little rain boots and realized that I looked like a deer in headlights....country music filled the store with camo and orange everywhere! Finally I found the little kid section and decided on these babies:)

She was THRILLED! I have to say they are the cutest and they light up! That's right the hearts light up!!!!

So, it was time to decorate! I found these adorable cowboy boots to put favors in that the guests can later use as cups at Birthday Express.  Absolutely everything else was bought at Oriental Trading! I cannot find anything anywhere cheaper than they are:)

When the guests arrived I had them pick out their favorite boot with their favorite color bandana then we picked out our favorite pink mustaches! Then we were a little silly with some pics!  Now if I had had more time I would have had a better background!  However, this is how it all shook out so I will have to accept it and MOVE ON!

Since it was rainy and cloudy we played with playdoh, painted magnets and played pin the tail on the horse, opened presents and had cake and ice cream!  They said they had a blast...and I think they did!

Enjoy the pics!

Horse bubbles!

Pink mustaches:)

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