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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The house that shrank

Many have asked me what it's like living in a two bedroom house with about 900 square foot home after living in a 2560 square foot home....well....it's kinda like a funny nightmare in a way. First let me tell you the perks:

1. Rent is free
2. Utilities are much cheaper
3. Park within walking distance that we visit everyday.
4. Basketball goals which Trey can play on as well.
5. I watch baseball live pretty much every single night.
6. I am back in my running routine.
7. Cleaning is easy....we simply don't really do it:)

Now, this is how I have kept my sanity...I like to find the humor in the following:

1. Shower has a mind of its own...it will sometimes let you adjust it and sometimes not...it has a several level head and is stuck now on the one with three different streams of water that squirt you at different times from different places....keeps you on your toes!
2. Dishwasher can only be ran with one light on in kitchen or it will blow a breaker.
3. The fridge has a drawer that sticks out weird and you have to know EXACTLY how to put it back or the door won't close....this is funny because all three children proclaim that they hate the fridge at least 20 times a day;)
4. The stove has one rack but I'm happy because it cooks well and that's good enough for me.
5. There is only one bath that everyone likes to use because the other one makes you pretty much fold yourself in a corner after hitting your shoulder on the light and then your just happy you made it and are traumatized with the thought of getting back up! 
6. We have given up picking up because there are no places for everything....our children have forgotten how...I worry that it will take awhile before they learn again.
7. For whatever reason I've lost salt, vanilla, taco seasoning and red pepper spices....have no idea why those were packed separately at all!!!!

Today I drove by my new house....pretended to myself that I was pulling into the driveway to put my groceries into my gorgeous kitchen....but alas....11 more days....:)

So, I'm pretty sure that since I've had to forward my mail twice that the post office will be forever confused....I dream of walk in closets and paint colors....followed by huge amounts of "stuff" that I keep screaming " take it all away!"  To say I shall be so glad when this is over is an understatement!

Thankful for all the vbs activities for Ellie and youth things for Trey.

Hoping for all to go well and for this to be a funny distant memory:)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Strawberry Freezer Jam

  Right now we are in temporary housing while we wait for the closing of our old home and the closing of our new home.  However, I knew we could not miss out on strawberries this year no matter how tiny my kitchen:)

We found a little farm that I'm sad to say the owners are too old to take care of so this is their last year:(  We picked for about two hours....

As you can see we picked a lot!

I then put them in a water bath, and then I took the stems off.

For each batch I used:
1. 2 cups of crushed strawberries, not to much you want to see some pieces of fruit
2. 4 cups of sugar and let that sit with the berry mixture for ten minutes
3. Then take 3/4 cup of water and stir into the suregell mixture for 3 minutes. 
4. I then put the strawberry mixture in it and let it all get warm before pouring into jars.

I then set the jars out for 24 hours and listen for the popping sound of sealing!

As of today I have canned 34 jars of delicious yumminess!

and of course some homemade strawberry shortcake!

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Great Ah Ha Moment

I'm amazed at how the older I get I catch what I should have caught long ago...I get frustrated that I just now caught it...but I guess it's better to catch it later than not at all.

For the past few weeks we have been moving, and on a business trip which is always very intense since we buy for the whole year...it's absolutely exhausting.  We also have teenagers and drama and that can be exhausting as well.

Today things are a bit more settled and I'm even in the midst if making jam and planting flowers today:)

So my big moment came while in the midst of moving...realizing that the exhausting work of moving all that unnecessary STUFF!! Why do I have it??? I consider myself to be a very clean person and somewhat organized and tidy...but move and see what amount of stuff you have and it's so overwhelming! I probably could have decorated three large homes with all the stuff I had/ have and my house wasn't small ( 2400 sq feet) so before we moved I had two garage sales and after the move I probably will have two more.  Right now we are in a teeny tiny house until we find our new home and I have a garage full and a storage unit and I'm going through box after box of things I don't need. Such as, do I really need 36 boxes of Christmas decorations? Do I really have to buy souvenirs everywhere we go? Does my daughter need a small toy every other week from doing her chore chart?

Here are the changes I'm implementing now:
1.  If it can't be consumed it doesn't come in the house right now.
2. If it can't be cleaned or made to make the house smell good it can't come in.
3. Ellie gets money for allowance and we are saving up for a big trip to American girl this summer ( we have already saved a lot of birthday mo ey). This way we are saving up for something we really want and not getting constant crud!
4. Instead of buying things for the house and things for my children I will spend my "fun money" (Dave Ramsey plan) on pedicures, nails, facials, races I want to enter. Completely new concept for me!
5. I do love to shop but now I will do that with coupons and food and personal products:)

I now have time to read with my Ellie, make soap, go to the pool, the park, take a walk, make jam, plant flowers.

I am no longer consumed with the upkeep of "stuff" and then selling the "stuff" cleaning around the "stuff" and then being controlled by all the "stuff".

Since right now I live farther from town I have to really need something to go I to town which has really helped with shopping.  I'm greatly looking forward to moving into my new home and being surrounded only by my absolute favorite things instead of a ton of things I sorta like :( have a blessed day and may you enjoy a less "stuffy" life....

We be making jam:))))