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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Pink Dresser

I haven't cleared out the storage unit yet and I haven't cleared out the garage yet...but there are painting projects that I have felt are more important.  I really wanted to get the bedrooms done and the kitchen done in order to get the rest of the house together...its a frustrating process...but fun at the same time.

The bedrooms for two children are smaller than the other house.  However, the closets are bigger and we have a fully finished basement in this house...allowing all tv's and video games to be removed from rooms and taken to the basement.  FYI if I had to do it over again I would NEVER allow tv's or video games in the bedrooms ever again....even though they had no acess to cable etc just what we had on DVD I would still NEVER do it again!  So, with those things removed from the rooms it has cleared up much needed space...and last night I had three boys downstairs...and NEVER heard them:)

So, for my E her bedroom is too small for the glorious dresser she previously had:

Her room was also too small for the full size bed so we did some trading up for her room:)  She got the princess headboard back and we put this beauty in Sarah's room! Can't wait to show you pics of that room!

So for today the plan is to paint my E's room....she's not happy I'm painting it grey...even though her dresser turned out lovely:)  I told her she will love it in the end...

So here is her dresser and how it turned out:)

The dresser started off as a Grey Paint knows as Paris Grey.  It was one of my first pieces I did in the Annie Chalk paint and I never was too happy about it.

I used Old White and the Antoinette color with the clear wax and dark wax....I went over it again with more of the pink paint because I aged it a little too much.  That's the fun of chalk paint....if you don't like...start over!

Will show you the reveal of my T's room tomorrow! and then we will see how my E's room turned out!

Have a GREAT day!

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