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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Time to CAN!!!

I enjoy this time of year....it would be more fun without the heat...but it wouldn't be MO would it???

This week I have put away green beans and salsa and pickles even! Now just so you know...I have only ever put away apple butter and strawberry freezer jam.  I needed help...but my Mommy moved close to me...so I was able to have help with the green beans and the pickles:)

This was the first time ever making salsa.  A customer and friend of ours had LOADS of tomatoes and she was gracious enough to share with us...so I put away about 21 jars of salsa and today even made peach salsa:)  I started off kinda cheating and using a mix from the store...then I got on pinterest and found some recipes that I liked....and my hubby loves as well:)

I went to the orchard and got jalapenos, green peppers, onion and cilantro....and then went to town on making salsa...tasting as I went...changing it out as I went.

The pickles were done with my mom's help...she gave me the following ingredients:

Apple Cider vinegar 1 quart, 3 quarts of water, 3/4 cup of salt, in jar put two heads of dill weed, one dried red pepper, fill with sliced cucumbers, heat to boiling the salt, water and vinegar and add to cucumbers in jar, put two cloves of garlic on top...listen for the gorgeous sound of the "pop" of the seal:)

The green beans were snapped by yours truly and then Mom put water in the jar and put in her pressure cooker...of which I am a great big scaredy cat of....other than that...that's all!

Now, I would like to put away more tomatoes for lasagnas and stews etc this winter but I am super happy about all the salsa...because we love it...and its also just a perfect little gift to go in gift baskets for Christmas:)


Monday, August 26, 2013

My Decision for Kindergarten

My E since the day she was born has done things on her schedule...absolutely no one elses but hers:)  She refused to lay on her tummy as an infant...instead would scream bloody murder until you turned her over....it became a battle of the wills and I refused to give in making her learn to roll over.  One day she decided to crawl, cruise and take steps all on the same day...not kidding...had to go out and buy gates that very day.  If this would have been my first child I don't think I would have panicked as much...but it being my second...she threw me for a loop constantly.

You see my firstborn T was born in November...as a first born he decided to do everything as fast as possible....I don't even remember having to teach him to read...he just did it...his vocabulary since age three has always been remarkable...and he required not a lot of help with school...he just got it...the first time.  Other than being a typical LAZY at times 13 yr old there have been no difficulties in homeschooling him whatsoever!

My E....last year I knew that we were headed into unchartered waters that I as a homeschool Mom had never encountered.  I did three different reading programs, I stressed and stressed...and this summer I realized...she's like me:( She was born in May as I was and she's just not ready.  I was always the youngest in my class...I remember getting concepts that were being taught to my classmates way later than they did and basically making jokes at why I understood so much later.  Looking back I realize I probably should have been held back a year...looking at other children that were born in the summer I see the same difficulties.  Even if they were smart enough to keep up with their older classmates some of them lack the maturity...causing other problems.  Obviously, this is not the case with EVERY child...if you were born in the spring it doesn't mean that you should have been held back...it just means that the kids I have seen and in my own life...that's what should have been done.

The skills at which my E is showing this year is remarkable.  She seems interested in learning to read this time around...she's able to sit and do the work and hold her concentration.  She is very gifted in Art, loves Science and Math...just having difficulty in reading.  I have given her first grade Math and first grade handwriting and will just repeat those subjects next year when we go into first grade officially.  For now, we are really enjoying doing school together.  I have been told by her dance teacher that she has noticed improvements in behavior and her sunday school teacher has been impressed by the change....which makes my little heart very happy in my decision.

Yesterday at church I was told by a couple of people that they had to do the same thing:)  Thanks for your encouragment...and thanks for making me feel like not such a loser Mom.

Have a GREAT day and Happy School year whether that be at your kitchen table like at our house...or the traditional classroom:)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My T's Room

First complete room in our house:) The room started out as every room in this house...stark WHITE!!! I HATE WHITE!!!!

The large poster canvas is from PB Teen and was a great headboard idea:)  The desk I bought at a local antique shop.  The large stickers were bought on Amazon...very easy to locate.  The black dresser was passed down from my late grandmother and the trunk on top was from my husband's late father and I bought the other trunk when Mark adopted my T at age 5.  Fun room to create!

I absolutely took away TV and any game console and I will NEVER bring it back! The finished basement has been a HUGE treat! The plastic drawers are for our homeschool books....its a fabulous space and my T likes it as well:)

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Friday, August 23, 2013

The House of Half Done Projects

Upon moving into this house I didn't really think it would take me that long to get it up to speed....but life happens....and the house gets left behind. 

We have been home a week now from our glorious Hawaiian vacation and we all are still not sleeping well and since returning my head has been full and throat itchy because of the glorious allergies that are abundant in our state:(  Hoping it gets better very soon!

My head is spinning with all the projects to be done! Here is my list:
1. Front porch-front door needs to be sanded before it can be painted, flag holder needs to be replaced, landscaping needs to be refreshed, trunk needs to be painted black.
2. Living room painted, and pics hung up, cubbies repainted to match and find a picture worthy of being on my mantle.
3. Kitchen-finish repainting and hang up pics
4. Dining Room-finish repainting and hang up pics
5/ Master Bedroom- fix mirror on dresser that the first movers broke:( find something worthy to be hung in master vanity room and finish master bath wall hangings.
6. Ellie's room-find a saying for above bed and hang one last picture.
7. Trey's room-find a chair for desk
8. Sarah's room-she needs to clean before painting will ever occur!
9. Basement- find desk and bookshelves, paint, find amazing artwork to finish
10. basement bath- finish finding artwork
11. laundry room-paint and shelving
12. garage-clean out other half
13. Empty storage unit
14. Get playhouse from old house...yep moving twice did us IN!!!!

Pretty sure that's it! Oh and yes....I need to have a garage sale AND sell my late mother n law's house:)

So....here is what I've accomplished thus far:) Cute pics for Dining Room, found some great wall stickers for Ellie's room, taking great walks in our neighborhood, painted furniture for front porch, decorated in the master, found two great desks...and even had a chance to run a 5K and have a picnic in the back yard....oh...and yes, we started school MOnday:)  Have a GREAT weekend! Looking forward to checking more off my LIST!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013


We returned from our trip on Thursday...we are still suffering from jet lagg...but we are happy:)

I was able to fulfill a dream of mine to take my children to a place I fell in love with at the age of twenty.  I have never been there and not be with locals....I enjoy being around the "real" life of Hawaii.

I worked at a camp there when I was twenty and was able to stay for a month.  While there I made fiends with a young lady named Hope who late went on to go to the same college as I for a couple of years.  Four years ago my hubby and I made the trip to go there and stayed with them and this year....we brought all of our children.

It's hard to imagine allowing six people to live in your home when your only used to three...but they did it:)  They also gave up their house and stayed in the guest house side...which I never meant for them to do.  I would love to return the favor...but doubt that MO will ever be a place that they would LOVE to visit:(

I so enjoyed the gorgeous beaches, I am so thankful that we were able to take the trip..and so amazed as always by God's creation.

We enjoyed being able to snorkle, learn to surf, Dole Plantation, Pearl Harbor, Turtle Beaches, and beaches every day...it was a joy and I'm sad to be away.

My E cries for Parker almost every day...and asks when we can go back....I'm still awake till 1 am every morning...but its getting better....enjoy the pics!

This week its back to school grind and getting the house prepped and organized:) 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rear Endings and Running

As always life has been exciting in our household this week....our dear beloved car was totaled this week...due to the fact that it was #3 car in a 4 car pileup....it was sad....I was angry...why couldn't it have been my minivan:(  I dislike my minivan:(

So now...we have to replace it:( and we don't like to have car payments so.....we are in search of one that will be as fabulous as this one....:(

On a higher note I did start back into running...we three didn't do as well as we normally do since we have had such crazy schedules...but I did it...and I didn't hurt myself...and for that I'm grateful.

Hopefully today I can get my E's chalkboard wall done and then I can take pics of that room and then we are going on a vacation:))))))))

Have a GREAT day!!!!!