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Monday, August 26, 2013

My Decision for Kindergarten

My E since the day she was born has done things on her schedule...absolutely no one elses but hers:)  She refused to lay on her tummy as an infant...instead would scream bloody murder until you turned her over....it became a battle of the wills and I refused to give in making her learn to roll over.  One day she decided to crawl, cruise and take steps all on the same day...not kidding...had to go out and buy gates that very day.  If this would have been my first child I don't think I would have panicked as much...but it being my second...she threw me for a loop constantly.

You see my firstborn T was born in November...as a first born he decided to do everything as fast as possible....I don't even remember having to teach him to read...he just did it...his vocabulary since age three has always been remarkable...and he required not a lot of help with school...he just got it...the first time.  Other than being a typical LAZY at times 13 yr old there have been no difficulties in homeschooling him whatsoever!

My E....last year I knew that we were headed into unchartered waters that I as a homeschool Mom had never encountered.  I did three different reading programs, I stressed and stressed...and this summer I realized...she's like me:( She was born in May as I was and she's just not ready.  I was always the youngest in my class...I remember getting concepts that were being taught to my classmates way later than they did and basically making jokes at why I understood so much later.  Looking back I realize I probably should have been held back a year...looking at other children that were born in the summer I see the same difficulties.  Even if they were smart enough to keep up with their older classmates some of them lack the maturity...causing other problems.  Obviously, this is not the case with EVERY child...if you were born in the spring it doesn't mean that you should have been held back...it just means that the kids I have seen and in my own life...that's what should have been done.

The skills at which my E is showing this year is remarkable.  She seems interested in learning to read this time around...she's able to sit and do the work and hold her concentration.  She is very gifted in Art, loves Science and Math...just having difficulty in reading.  I have given her first grade Math and first grade handwriting and will just repeat those subjects next year when we go into first grade officially.  For now, we are really enjoying doing school together.  I have been told by her dance teacher that she has noticed improvements in behavior and her sunday school teacher has been impressed by the change....which makes my little heart very happy in my decision.

Yesterday at church I was told by a couple of people that they had to do the same thing:)  Thanks for your encouragment...and thanks for making me feel like not such a loser Mom.

Have a GREAT day and Happy School year whether that be at your kitchen table like at our house...or the traditional classroom:)

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  1. Oh I remember those days... worrying constantly if they are ready, if I should push harder or let them be; and let them do it in their own time.
    My difficult child was a boy... didn't start reading until he was 9...NINE!!!! I thought I was doing everything wrong. I'd stop and start reading curricula over and again... God was so patient with me.
    When my son finally started to read-- he went from 1st grade to 7th grade in like 4 years--leaps and bounds. I read the Better Late than Early (by the Moore's) and Home School Burnout (also by them)... I was over joyed when he finally started to read.
    Wish you much success with school this year. :)
    It is a true blessing. Pat