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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rear Endings and Running

As always life has been exciting in our household this week....our dear beloved car was totaled this week...due to the fact that it was #3 car in a 4 car pileup....it was sad....I was angry...why couldn't it have been my minivan:(  I dislike my minivan:(

So now...we have to replace it:( and we don't like to have car payments so.....we are in search of one that will be as fabulous as this one....:(

On a higher note I did start back into running...we three didn't do as well as we normally do since we have had such crazy schedules...but I did it...and I didn't hurt myself...and for that I'm grateful.

Hopefully today I can get my E's chalkboard wall done and then I can take pics of that room and then we are going on a vacation:))))))))

Have a GREAT day!!!!!

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  1. Hey there... I read your title and thought you were going to tell me car was wrecked in a hit and run! lol... (no, that wouldn't be funny)
    Just glad to hear the running part is you getting back into the swing of that! I know how much you enjoy it. (well, I've read how much you enjoy it)
    Anyway-- about your wreck---your car was totaled but you didn't mention yourself or your family.
    I'm guessing everyone is doing ok...no injuries. Glad to hear that.

    take care...I bet the chalk board wall will be enjoyed by E! I'm looking forward to reading about it.