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Friday, August 23, 2013

The House of Half Done Projects

Upon moving into this house I didn't really think it would take me that long to get it up to speed....but life happens....and the house gets left behind. 

We have been home a week now from our glorious Hawaiian vacation and we all are still not sleeping well and since returning my head has been full and throat itchy because of the glorious allergies that are abundant in our state:(  Hoping it gets better very soon!

My head is spinning with all the projects to be done! Here is my list:
1. Front porch-front door needs to be sanded before it can be painted, flag holder needs to be replaced, landscaping needs to be refreshed, trunk needs to be painted black.
2. Living room painted, and pics hung up, cubbies repainted to match and find a picture worthy of being on my mantle.
3. Kitchen-finish repainting and hang up pics
4. Dining Room-finish repainting and hang up pics
5/ Master Bedroom- fix mirror on dresser that the first movers broke:( find something worthy to be hung in master vanity room and finish master bath wall hangings.
6. Ellie's room-find a saying for above bed and hang one last picture.
7. Trey's room-find a chair for desk
8. Sarah's room-she needs to clean before painting will ever occur!
9. Basement- find desk and bookshelves, paint, find amazing artwork to finish
10. basement bath- finish finding artwork
11. laundry room-paint and shelving
12. garage-clean out other half
13. Empty storage unit
14. Get playhouse from old house...yep moving twice did us IN!!!!

Pretty sure that's it! Oh and yes....I need to have a garage sale AND sell my late mother n law's house:)

So....here is what I've accomplished thus far:) Cute pics for Dining Room, found some great wall stickers for Ellie's room, taking great walks in our neighborhood, painted furniture for front porch, decorated in the master, found two great desks...and even had a chance to run a 5K and have a picnic in the back yard....oh...and yes, we started school MOnday:)  Have a GREAT weekend! Looking forward to checking more off my LIST!!!

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