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Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Season of Giving

As we enter this season of holidays and celebrating the goodness of what God has done for us...many of us extend that to others that are less fortunate then ourselves.  I know that in our own family we use this as a teaching tool to show our children how they need to be grateful for the huge abundance that we have here in America.

Our family does things a little differently, we bless in secret...we have our reasons for doing so...but that is what we do.  We feel quite strongly in this and enjoy blessing and standing from the sidelines watching the family enjoy and having no idea who gave the blessing.  We also enjoy doing it because I personally feel that when we give its a private affair...if you receive the praise of man I don't believe that God is pleased with your giving...however...that is my own personal feelings...but the other reason is because I have been on the side of receiving...and here are my lessons that are learned in that process.

My very first Christmas as a single mother to one little boy and my husband was buried only four months prior.  The last thing on earth that I felt like doing was celebrating Christmas.  I personally found all the joy and love...well frankly it made me a bit sick....but I had a little boy...and he needed to enjoy Christmas.  So, the tree went up and looking at lights, and visiting Santa and all that happened so my little Trey could have some joy...then I had people start bringing me things....at first I found it confusing??? I lived in a nice apartment was able to provide for my son...I really didn't feel "needy" but they came...and I found it really really really hard to accept the gifts.  I found it rather embarrassing...I guess you could say I was proud...and Yes I'm aware that that is wrong.  Receiving is difficult for some...we live in a nation of "give me give me" and I'm not talking about those people.  I'm not talking about the people that take what they can from us as taxpayers and their kids walk around with the latest and greatest technology and they complain because they don't live in a fabulous house etc....I'm talking about those that work and try to find work and can't...I'm talking about the ones who give their kids whatever they can and its still not enough...I'm talking about the ones who genuinely are suffering...its hard to sit down and receive the gifts that others bring.

Just remember this season when your giving to give with quiet, to give without show, to give with complete love..and to remember that it is so fun to give...but for some it is very hard to receive. 

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  1. I love this post. As the recipient recently to a very special anonymous gift remembering my stillborn baby, I can fully relate to being ever so humbled.

    Thank you for sharing your heart.