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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Big changes ahead for my dear little family...to say we are stressed would be an understatement.  Our business is growing, we are insanely busy and we need to expand...in true form of our household my husband and I always seem to do this...HEY LETS MOVE OUR BUSINESS AND HOME AT THE SAME TIME to see if we can survive a SECOND time!

Right now we are looking to expand the business...seeing if we can gain the room next to us...if we are able to do that that would be ideal...it would be GREAT:) 

At this time we have found nothing we have liked in real estate land and have even moved our price range up...and this time we are weighing a few options and one of them includes building a home on a stretch of land that we have found...not sure if we will wait a year on that or proceed...we are going to look at plans today just to see if the plan is even feasible. 

I am missing out on a half marathon that I was going to run in in two weeks and am feeling quite sad about it.  I feel that I'm a quitter.  Training for a half requires GREAT devotion and GREAT time! Homeschooling two kiddos and keeping up with their activities...and showing a house constantly just has not made my training possible.  After we have the business settled and our home figured out I will begin training for a 10K and then down the road when I have more time I will check into training for the half.   It is sometimes difficult as a woman to decide what priorities are the most important...at the time my children win...I've even stepped down from a few of the things I was involved in in church...I was cranky and tired and too busy...my soap business was getting ridiculous.  I now just make soap for our business and gifts...I still sell a little but soap making was taking up too much of my time.  For now I'm concentrating on my kiddos because I don't have them for a lot longer...I'm living more simply by getting rid of excess and staying below our weekly budget whenever possible. 

I have been a slave for so long to things, to things that don't matter...I'm excited about this change coming in our lives...even though its very possible that it will be put off for a year...in that time I will continue purging and saving...looking forward to summer where I can make each day count...instead of having a million different projects.

Yesterday I danced with my E in the kitchen, worked on a science project with her, read a lot, rolled her hair in curlers...and watched Duck Dynasty with my son...house is still clean, dinner still made...and my heart was full...have a wonderful Easter...enjoy your family....don't get upset about the little things....and to my Midwest friends...I'll be freezing in my adorable Easter dress right along side of you:)

A great book that I recommend to every mother!

Someone loves playing in her closet:)

Its been a very cold spring break...this was a fun experiment...baking soda, colored water, vinegar, made mini explosions:)  By the way...I buy baking soda, and vinegar at Sam's its hands down the BEST price EVER! Two gallons of vinegar for $3.48! I use vinegar for floor cleaner, put it in my washer, and rinse aid in dishwasher...I just pour it in the base of the washer!

Have a GREAT day!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Target Deals and Crazy Thoughts

This week I've been hit square in the eyes with the reality of how fast life goes by.  A childhood acquaintance who was only a year older than I lost her fight with colon cancer and left behind five beautiful children and a dear husband, a sister, and her parents, and countless family members and friends that miss her deeply.  I could not stop crying the other day...as wonderful and strong as her family is being...I know the steps of grief...and right now they are slowly accepting the reality of what is...but soon will come the questions from the children...even though they have had time to prepare them...there is never enough time to understand it.

My dear beloved husband passed away in a car accident at the young age of 27..I became a widow at 28 (we were 360 days apart:)  at the time I felt I was somewhat lucky that our son was 2 1/2 that perhaps he had been spared the pain of losing his father...but I can tell you that these past ten years have been rough as he has asked very difficult questions.  We have dealt with anger of why his Dad was taken from him before he got the chance to know him.  He has asked me why did God choose us? To which I have replied very clever things that I know were from God because frankly....some days I have NOOO idea.  I have been remarried for almost ten years and even though my hubby loved Trey it is not the same...and Trey knows that....it grieves my heart that my son does not have the strong father/son bond.  As an infant his father was the only one that could get him to quit crying (frankly it irritated me a tad) one day I was walking by the window of my apartment (we were separated at the time of his death) he and Trey were in the pool, Trey riding on top of his shoulders...round and round the pool....yelling and talking ninety to nothing...and I froze time....and I can still see it clearly....so what do you do with that?  You put one foot in front of the other.  You take what He gives you and you praise Him still...because we don't have the whole picture...only God does.  You ask Him to give you strength to walk it...and He delivers....you beg for Him to carry the load...and He does....you scream at Him for making you go through it...and He loves you still.  Ten years later something will happen or Trey will make a gesture that I remember from his Dad that he can't possibly know...and I smile...God's reminder of Trey's Daddy and how DNA is an amazing thing...its not taught...it just does:)

The other day I took Trey to the chiropracter...her is growing so fast and sleeps so weird that his neck is killing him....the chiropracter was amazed at how much he and my current hubby have the same spine....of course he had NO idea that they were not blood related....he also said they had the same gait....I find that a fun thing that God did:)

Now...onto happier thoughts!  We have shown our house five times this past week...even had a showing after a four inch snow:) That was fun! Right now my hubby and I are thinking about some wild things...we may have to put it off for a year...but maybe not:) Anyway, I'm excited either way..will keep you posted! Yes we had an offer last week on our home....RIDICULOUS offer....we didn't even go to the office....moving forward:)

Now, here are some GREAT deals for toys at your local Target this week.  Make sure to go to moneysavingmom.com to print out coupons for Target and the other printable coupons she has....I stocked up for things for Easter and for my E's birthday and even got several little things for her little friends:)

The pet shops were buy one get one free! The cabbage patch kid came to $3 after coupons and the cashier gave me extra off....because I guess she loves me:) The other toys were on sale plus I had additional $8 in coupons for both of them together....it was lovely being able to save some cash for toys...there are a TON of coupons for boys and girls toys on the website moneysavingmom.com so go get yourself some SAVINGS!!!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break

This has been a rather strange week...very busy...and we are all in the MidWest really hoping that spring would come soon!

Today we had another showing...we have had five this week...and one very LAME offer.  Everyone wants a deal right now and I understand that but we didn't even go to the realtors office it was so pathetic...just told her what we would do and they are house hunting again...and I hope they find what they want:) My house is for SALE NOT for DONATION:)

So, this morning this is what it looks like at my house:)

The people looking at my house were there for over 35 minutes...hope they liked it...and hope if we have another offer coming it will NOT be so ridiculous!

Tomorrow we were supposed to be moving...but I really am ok with it now.  My hubby and I have been talking and we aren't sure of the future for our family but we don't believe it is with this house...we want to be out more and able to garden...we might build...we just aren't sure.  There are no houses out there right now that are meeting our needs so at this time if we do sell we will probably rent...which is not my first choice but better to do that than to move somewhere where you aren't happy.

On another note I found a GREAT chore chart on amazon and am THRILLED with how excited Ellie is...she does her chores early just to be able to get her star for the day in that category.  It has lots of things you can change even for character building things you are working on and I find it just the perfect match!

Ellie is still enjoying dance, trying to understand basketball and trying to learn to read...its hard being five:)

Here is my E and one of her little friends guarding each other at their last game...crack me up...they are both totally talking and probably saying to each other..."Why are our parents yelling at us while our team is at the other end of the court?"

Have a GREAT spring break everyone and a very happy Easter! We hope to see the ground for our easter egg hunts this week! Melt snow MELT!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Deals and House News

My house...my lovely house...its seeing lots of traffic...has some interest...we will see....lots of houses are selling and some that I can't understand...we have heard our house is to big??? I don't know...so for now...we keep the house picked up and its a good thing because I actually for the first time in my 15 house showings had a realtor (who was a man by the way) and he just SHOWED up an hour early! We homeschool so YES we are HOME! I didn't have time to leave because my step-daughter comes home from school to eat lunch what was I supposed to do with her? My house was picked up, but I like all lights on and I like all floors sparkling and NONE of that was done.  It of course was totally awkward as well as we moved to other parts of the house so they could look freely but still...it was a WASTE of a showing and I was sooo ticked off! Does the man not have a phone so he could call and tell me he was over an hour EARLY??? So we could have at least LEFT??? Oh realtors....you make me CRAZY!!!!

So, on with the deals!  Target has a few going on this week NOT advertised! I took advantage of some of their coupon adds and deals such as their Easter candy...a trip to CVS today will finish that up!

Coupons to look for:
1. Buy one get one free Petshop (pay attention to the sku numbers)
2. Playdoh was on sale but with extra coupon made it a $1.50:)

3.  Also the small playdohs were on sale and there is an extra coupon from the Target website as well to print out making those a good deal as well!
4. Garnier shampoo and conditioner had a good deal going on with extra coupons I picked those up for a $1 a piece.  There is also a deal at CVS on these as well.
5.  Juicy juice was an unexpected surprise.  Buy two get one free...go to juicy juice website and print off coupons make this a GREAT deal!

6.  Here are some other deals you might want to take advantage of as well IF you have extra coupons to make it worth your while...otherwise they are NOT that great of deals!

I'm going back for the pop deal you can get an extra pop as well :) They had coupons in the paper at the beginning of the month for pop...remember if you don't always get a paper for sure don't skip the first one of each month!

Now I did decide to visit a store that I'm hearing has GREAT deals for members! I forgot that many moons ago we had signed up for the program but now KMart is very serious about this and have joined the wagon with CVS and Walgreens and as you know Target has a program to benefit the coupon world as well:)  They had the following deals I took advantage of:
1.  Purex detergent 2.99 limit 5...I got three because frankly I'm starting to look like a hoarder with all my laundry detergent.
2. Great deals on winter clothes for kids...I got my E nice flannel pjs for next winter for $4.99 each! Of course since we seem to be stuck on winter here in the great midwest she insisted on wearing them now...after her father and i told her that it is indeed too cold to wear the summer pjs she had on! Don't be too hard on her...the other day she played in shorts in the backyard with sidewalk chalk and now we might get snow later this week! I wonder why I'm sniffling and snorting again????

Anyway, those are the deals I have found...gonna make a CVS run tonight and get the rest of the Easter candy:) 

Have a GREAT saving day!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Here's a donut sister!

I have seen such strength and character from christian women over the years.  The wise words spoken to me as I stood by my husband's casket...not the people that said "Your young you will marry again." I wanted to scream..."awesome....thanks for sharing, but what can you offer me now that my heart is shred into a thousand pieces."  I have felt the power of prayer and realized the quiet dignity of many women as I struggled to have my second child...as I wept uncontrollably of a broken heart...and those who kept telling me that He would give me the desires of my heart.

My house situation...Yes, I've gone through much worse...my children are safe, my husband is safe, our business is doing well....I have counted the gifts...again and again...but yes, I want to move...and yes, right now I'm very sad because the ONLY house that I have liked...belongs to another...the dream that I had is gone....and right now...I feel like WHINING!

I am comforted in knowing those that offer me verses of encouragement that are going through the same things.  I am blessed beyond measure of those that tell me they are going through the same things and offer me the same hope that they continue to struggle with as well...but you know my favorite comment this morning? It was this face :( ok I guess I have two favorite comments to my predicament...the one that simply stated "bummer." Yep! that was my favorite:)  Now for those of you who wrote me verses of encouragement...thank you...for those of you who continue to tell me your moving horror stories..thank you...seriously, thank you...for those words of "get over it and move on..pull up your big girl panties and get over it."  I again, thank you...but today.....I'm needing the "here's a donut sister, and go ahead and cry" THEN I will pull up my big girl panties and remember that God really does have something wonderful for us...I just need...a moment...to cry...and inhale some chocolate right now:)

Thanks Girls for all you do:)

Enjoy the beauty of the day!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Target Savings this week

I keep feeling a teensy bit guilty for continuing my stockpile.  I know if we move it will be a pain.  My hubby doesn't want me buying toilet paper or paper towels though until after the move? I have about...well...I have a bit...so we're good. Does it make me a coupon scary person that I get panicked if the supplies are halfway depleted? I think I may have a sickness?

Anyway, here are the deals girls!

The deals are:
1. Crayola Chalk on sale and I had an additional coupon. the M&M's were on sale and I had a $3 coupon making them basically buy one/get one
2.  The shampoo and conditioner were on sale for $4.99 each and i had an additional coupon for each bottle.  Not a great deal until you realize you get a free styling product with every two bottles...so that does make it a GREAT deal!
3. I never buy sports drinks unless they are on sale and these were and I had an additional coupon.  Unless I run or work out these do not get used...so we do ACTUALLY USE THESE!
4.  Tampax tampons were a good deal!They were on sale and i had a $5 coupon for four boxes...PLUS I got a $10 gift card for four boxes....I have two girls living at my house so these were a MUST!

So, tonight I get a few things from CVS and will let you know about that!


Monday, March 11, 2013


Waiting....as a 38 year old woman I have realized what God keeps trying to teach me...He wants me to learn to WAIT and be patient and be CONTENT....I hate learning that lesson...I'm horrible at it...which is probably why I get to learn it so much.

In the year 2000 after my brand new baby boy arrived...I learned to wait patiently and pray fervently....for two years I prayed and in 2002 that prayer was answered but in a way I never have understood.  My first husband who was away from the Lord was called home to be with the Lord and I was left with sorting out the details of it all...and I will never be able to understand it this side of heaven.

Then after I was remarried in 2003 I again prayed for four more years for another child...and just when I had given up complete hope of that....here came my bouncing baby girl in May of 2007...her name means.. "God has answered."

Today in 2013 we again wait...we wait for our house to sell...even though we had two offers...we were asked to wait...so I sit and wait...and I used to sit and worry...what if? what now? what why?

I have my reasons for wanting to sell our house, they are not financial in fact we are looking at a house which is more than this one...I want a bigger yard and just want to basically size down from this big house that we live in....we don't HAVE to sell...we just WANT to....REALLY BAD!  After our house contract fell apart I just sat there in disbelief wondering why God had us go through it in the first place...why have any contracts? why did we have to accept THAT contract?  The only conclusion I could come to is that He's not ready for us to move yet...He has something bigger for us to learn....or our house isn't ready yet? I have NOO idea.  I fell in love with another house but have since learned to just let it go...to not even check on it...to understand that it its meant to be than it will be ours...and for whatever reason...there is now a peace beginning to settle over me....that everything is going to be alright....that I don't need to worry...just keep doing what He's asked me to do...to let it BE....to let control GOOOO! so yes, I pick it back up every once in awhile...but I'm trying...really trying...and for now I keep saying this verse over and over again:)

Jeremiah 29:11,13

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hop-e and a future.  Then you will call on me and come and p-ray to me, and I will listen to you.  You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. 

Oh that I would be like my E....happpy and enjoying the moment...trusting that good will come...not living in fear of the bad...taking each day for what it is...a GIFT:)

Weekend Project the GREEN desk

Friday I had an in home garage sale...partly because I have a small garage but mainly because there was a ton of snow on the ground and its freezing outside...so in home we went:)

Got rid of a ton of stuff and what I didn't sell I donated..the van was a little bit full:)

It took about five carts at the Goodwill to haul it all away:)

All empty! Feeling good!

So, I sold my E's table and chairs because frankly she was getting to big for it and her dollhouse bookshelf.  We have had this old desk that we have moved all over this house and for the past two years it has stayed on the front porch.  One day it hit me after my sister told me that I should invest in an art desk...so I went to the porch and got the desk and hauled it to her room.  I painted it the same green I did my awesome cubbies in!

I sooo love them:)

The desk was white and I knew my E would never go for that.  I painted it green and that put back her storage for toys...getting rid of the table and chairs and the dollhouse bookshelf created SOO much room in her room so she could play with much more space.  The only purchase I made was the chair but I also plan to paint that as soon as it warms up! The containers I already had, and now she can leave her creations inside her desk.  On the top of her desk she has her markers, colored pencils and crayons all in seperate containers.  Inside she can keep all her art books and coloring books etc.  We greatly like the change and she is now happy that she gave up her table and chairs! Have a GREAT day!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Target Deals and Basketball:)

This past week has been crazy busy since we are now in full swing of spring activities:)  After the snow for two weeks our house is finally being shown again...and yes, as of yesterday the house that I want is still available..(even though I pray constantly to fall out of love with it or for someone to buy it) looking at it and not knowing when I can have it is torture...also defined as patience and contentment of which I have none of apparently!

My E had her first basketball game this past Saturday and let me tell you it was quite funny! However, she is absolutely ADORABLE:)

Target has some GREAT deals going on this week...I'm sure many of you already know about them.  I got three Sunday papers this week because of it.  Make sure you local girls know that some of the things listed in the add are NOT on sale.  As irritating as this is I read in the fine print that each store is allowed to make sales on what they choose and ours here did not do the trashbags, papertowels or bleach...I was a BIT irritated about that.  The items are on sale but not listed in the deal.  For those of you who don't know the Target add this week had a $10 coupon for $40 spent on household things.  I totally cleaned out with air freshners, magic erasers, car freshners, toilet cleaner, dishwasher tabs, dishwashing liquid, I had coupons for most of those things:) They also had a deal going for any five breakfast items listed get a $5 coupon.  This included juice, coffee, cereal, and my favorite WAFFLES (which I hardly EVER buy).  So, how's your stockpile going? For me, I need trashbags and feminine products and other than that after this week I: am SUP_ER STOCKED UP !!!!!!!  By the way...so far this week I have only spent $90 in two shopping trips.  Both trips I saved $40 in coupons.  I am now in the mind set that if I don't save at LEAST $40 I haven't done my homework well.  I just now need to buy milk and produce for the week...putting me WAY BELOW budget which makes me SUPER DUPER hap-p-y:)

Have a GREAT day and go see what you can save! I have a fun desk tutorial coming up where I have turned a desk we had sitting around on our front porch doing NOTHING into a great desk for my E in return able to sell her tables and chairs and bookshelf that were hogging needed floor space...going to make special touches and then will show you how:)