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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Red and yellow black and white

It's been a year since I have posted anything on this particular blog.  Last night I laid in bed rather angry. I was angry, angry for Michael Browns family ( I'm sure this is not how they want their son remembered) angry for the police officers and guard members being shot at who were called in to protect the town. I was angry for the shop keepers who will lose so much especially with the timing of the verdict being around the holidays. Angry for those who live in that town who are absolutely terrified. Our former youth pastors wife wrote on Facebook that there were fires and chaos and she was scared and asking for prayer...and you call this America?  I wanted to reach through Facebook and bring her family here to safety.  I was angry watching protestors who probably don't live there setting fires, vandalizing cars, stealing.....for what??? For what???? Because your mad??? What part of stealing from another or taking what isn't yours make it better? It just makes everything worse!

I will not pretend that for a second that the black community has not suffered from my race.  It makes me sick and saddened every time I think of how people thought slavery was right and they threw God's name in the mix to offer balm to their souls. I have watched  " 12 years as a slave" "amazing Grace", and cried through each of them shaking my head that humans could treat other humans in that way.  I read about William Wilberforce ,Tom Paine, Susan B Anthony, John Brown, John Jay, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Clarkson and there are many others and my heart leaps with joy as I see hope that change did indeed take place and they suffered for their beliefs.

I also watch shows like " The Pianist, Schindlers list, those are two that I remember and only one did I watch the whole way through....I left the room on The Pianist....was more than I could bear.

It goes without saying that we as humans have treated other races beyond cruel...that we have acted that we are higher than other humans for no other reason than the color of our skin.

As far as racism today.... I see it both ways....I see some who treat white people with disdain and I see white people who still act as though they are superior. I hear both sides shout out phrases that they believe are true that sometimes are but usually are not.

Around two months ago a childhood friend of mine whose husband is a police officer, their son was pulled over by a police officer and tased in his car.....he was pulled out lifeless....his heart stopped and he's still recovering.....his family is beyond angry. The ultimate last straw was the video of the police officer with his foot on his head as his body lay lifeless....Did this family call for her former classmates to come riot? I wanted to! I was angry! To add insult to injury the news media did its best to discredit this young man....with reports of the police officer finding pot in his car (untrue by the way...only found a lighter).

Why do I write that last story? Well, there are bad police officers and there are good. There are bad servicemen and there are good.  There are good people and there are bad.  When will we judge by character and not by the color of our skin? When will we say enough is enough. When will we forgive the past injustices and move on to a better world for our children? When will we make a change? Sadly, it will not come until we forgive on both sides....until we lay it at the cross...until we allow God to deal with the injustices and take it out of our hands.

Again, I don't claim to understand the pain of what my race has done to other races.....but I can tell you my children do not feel the way that earlier generations feel. In my home all races are welcome, and skin color is not a factor.  In my home...everyone is treated as family.

So today, I continue to pray for Ferguson, and all those affected on this lose lose situation.

May His name be praised!